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| canon | Rurouni Kenshin 
| character name | Himura Tomoe (Nee Yukishiro)
| character age | Appears 18

| character species | Youkai
| class | Yukionna

| affiliation | Neutral. She just wants to find her husband again, okay?

| abilities | As a Yukionna, Tomoe has some ability to control ice and snow - however, she is very young, and still used to thinking of herself as human, so she will be learning how to control it.

| equipment | Her kimono, her mother’s shawl, a tanto (small knife) and a bottle of white plum perfume.

|AU History| Tomoe’s history doesn’t change that much – she still grew up in the same way, still lost her fiancé and sought revenge on his killer – though not in the Bakumatsu, but in the Onin War. Things with Kenshin were the same – she met him, forgave him, fell in love with him, offered to serve as the ‘sheath to his madness’, and died in the same way. She just did a couple of hundred years earlier, is all. It is after her death that things changed – being a (unbeknownst to her) pregnant woman, and dying violently in the middle of the snow, Tomoe rose after her death as a Yukionna, an ice maiden. Finding the village she and Kenshin had lived in destroyed – by famine, or war, or youkai attack, she is not sure which – she immediately set out to find Kenshin – only to find out that it has been many more years then she had assumed since she died. Still, there had always been something otherworldly about her husband, and so, hopeful, she continues searching (Even though sometimes she thinks she’s just looking for a grave), heading towards large groups of youkai, to see if any of them have heard of a red haired samurai with a cross-shaped scar...
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  On the surface, Tomoe is the perfect Japanese lady - quiet, refined, graceful and an accomplished housewife. She doesn’t show her emotions in the ways that people normally do - she doesn’t smile or frown or cry, unless she is completely overwhelmed by emotion. 

This means that to people who don’t know her, she will seem cold, or even emotionless, but she does show emotion, provided you know how to look, so people who know her well will be able to read the little signs she gives, especially as, as she gets to know someone, she will become warmer and more open.

Tomoe feels things incredibly deeply, whether guilt, self-loathing and hate – or love, happiness and forgiveness. Because of this and her inability to express these powerful feelings she sometimes finds herself at the mercy of her emotions, as they come spilling out.

Tomoe’s capacity for forgiveness is incredible. Whilst she starts out attempting to get revenge on Kenshin for the murder of her fiancé, she ends up seeing the lonely, hurting young man behind the Hitokiri who killed her fiancé, and instead of continuing in her plan to get revenge; she forgives him and attempts to act as a sheath against the madness consuming him.

Tomoe is extremely loyal and self sacrificing for those she loves - she adores her brother and father, and when her fiancé died, instead of simply moving on, she attempts to get revenge, and when she falls in love with Kenshin and marries him, she abandons all thoughts of revenge and devotes herself to helping and protecting him in the only way she can. 

Tomoe is brave, but not in the way you would expect. As a young samurai woman of the time, she showed great courage in leaving Edo and travelling to Kyoto by herself, and when she realizes she has been tricked by the Yaminobu ninja who hired her into betraying Kenshin, she attempts to fight back, causing her to be knocked unconscious. 

Lastly, Tomoe is often consumed by guilt – not only does she believe that it was her inability to express her happiness that caused her fiance to go to Kyoto in an attempt to impress her, causing his death, she also feels guilt about how Kiyosato would feel about her love for Kenshin, and about how she ended up leading him into the Yaminobu’s trap.


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Yukishiro Tomoe was the eldest daughter of a samurai, born in 1846 to a low-level bureaucrat who served the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo. Her mother died shortly after the birth of her younger brother, Enishi, when Tomoe was nine and through her own childhood she acted as both sister and mother to him.

When Tomoe was 17, she became engaged to a childhood friend of hers, Kiyosato Akira, however her reticence and inability to show her emotions – such as how happy she was – led to heartbreak as Kiyosato thought that she wasn’t impressed with him. Thinking that he needed to please her with greater accomplishments, he went to Kyoto to join the Mimawarigumi and was killed by the Ishin Shishi assassin, Hitokiri Battousai, but also gave the Hitokiri a single slash scar along the face.

Distraught with grief, and trying to find someone to blame other then herself, as she felt that by not telling him of her feelings, she had led to his death, Tomoe ran away to Kyoto, stumbling across news of the man who had killed her fiancé – Hitokiri Battousai. In doing so, she came across a group of ninja called the Yaminobu, who enlisted her to find out the hitokiri’s weakness.

After being saved from some ruffians at a bar by Battousai, she followed him, and upon being splashed with the blood of the man he had just killed (a shogunate assassin), she commented that he ‘made it rain blood’ and fainted into his arms.

Upon waking up alive, cleaned, and under the roof of the Ishin Shishi when she had not expected to wake up at all, Tomoe proceeded to work as a maid for the inn, sleeping in Himura Kenshin (Battousai’s) room, and came to know him better. Seeing that he was not a monster as she had imagined, but simply a young boy doing what he thought was right, and paying for it, she gave up on her revenge, but, too ashamed to go back home and face her family, stayed at the inn. As she lived with Kenshin, she began to not just tolerate and pity him, but understand, empathise for, and even like him, until events finally came to a head one day when she found him sleeping in their room.

Thinking that he would be cold, as he was sleeping by an open window, she took off her shawl and went to put it over him – only to end up with his sword at her throat, as he barely recovered his senses in time to stop himself from decapitating her. Tomoe, seeing him so broken at what he has almost done, makes her choice, and puts her shawl in his lap. ‘You need a sheath to hold back your madness,’ she says to him, ‘so let me stay with you a while.’

And she does. However, during this time, the Ishin Shishi is virtually split in two when the decision to light Kyoto ablaze causes a famous conflict with the deadly "Wolves of Mibu", the Shinsengumi, and after the crisis suffered by the Chōshū clan in the Ikedaya incident, Katsura orders Kenshin and Tomoe to abandon Kyoto and flee to a remote village. He also orders them to put on the facade of a pair of pharmacists, as husband and wife, however, Kenshin doesn't like the idea of pretending, and proposes for real – and Tomoe accepts.

Living together as husband and wife in Otsu, Tomoe watches as the frozen, half mad killer becomes a happy, gentle, kind man, and starts to honestly fall in love with him.

But the couples happiness is disturbed when Tomoe’s little brother, Enishi, shows up at what was supposed to be a hidden location, and Tomoe learns that he is the contact that the Yaminobu said they would send, telling her that it is time for her to meet them and tell them Kenshin’s weakness. Tomoe, stricken, tells Enishi to leave, but the visit has reminded her of the fragility of the life they have built, and when Kenshin comes home, she opens up to him – somewhat. Informing him of her past, including the death of her fiancé – though not of his part in it or her role in a plot to kill him - , Tomoe finally breaks down and cries in his arms, speaking of her guilt and grief.

Kenshin then tells her that he will continue to be an assassin until the Revolution is over, but will find a way to repay those whose lives he destroyed, and he tells her that he wishes to protect her happiness which Tomoe returns with a yes and a genuine (and her first) smile.

The next morning, Tomoe prepares to go meet the Yaminobu leader, prepared to do anything in order to save the man who had become her second love – only to discover that the Yaminobu had used her, not to discover a weakness that might not even exist, but to become a weakness, and even as she was meeting with the group, a message had been sent to her husband informing him of her abduction.

Desperate to at least even the odds slightly, and guilty that her lust for revenge had led a good man into a trap, Tomoe attacked the leader of the Yaminobu - but being anything but a warrior, she was easily knocked out and tossed to the side while they went about with their plan.
When she regained consciousness the fight had come to just outside the doors of the meeting place. Upon looking outside, she realized that her husband had indeed come, and was clearly about to die for her sake.

Watching him, she came to a realization. In her mind, she had killed her first love by not acting, by not stopping him from going to Kyoto, so she had given up everything in order to kill this man, who had become her second love – she would not allow her love to die again, whilst she stood by and did nothing, literally killing him with her inaction – so she ran between them, shielding her husband’s body from a fatal blow and attempting to stab the Yaminobu leader whilst he was distracted.

However, her husband, blinded, deafened, half mad from pain and numb from cold, finished his final stroke, killing both his opponent - and his wife.
Lying in his arms as she lay dying, Tomoe smiled up at him, her last words telling him that it was alright, that this was the way it was meant to be, so please don’t cry.


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